France: Brazilian dam building debacle leads to the bust of Jirau for illegal logging

Brazilian environmental authorities on Tuesday fined the consortium
that is building the Jirau hydroelectric dam on the Bolivian border
for destroying part of the forest in a nature preserve. The
consortium, headed by France’s Suez and comprised of several Brazilian
firms, cut down 18.65 hectares (about 47 acres) of Amazon forest
without authorization for which it will now have to pay a fine of
475,000 reais ($208,000).

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The group, which received the license to begin construction last
November, was also fined about $3.35 million for using dynamite to
kill 11 tons of fish in nearby waters. The $5.3 billion Jirau dam will
generate 3.3 gigawatts of power when it goes online in 2016. San
Antonio, the other dam that will make up the Madeira hydroelectric
complex, will have the capacity to produce 3.15 GW when it begins
operating in 2012 and it is slated to cost about $5 billion.

The complex has encountered resistence from Brazilian environmentalists
who fear the impact that the two projects will have on the Amazon
jungle, and from the Bolivian government, which fears that the dams
could inundate part of the neighboring country’s national territory.

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Charles PryorJuly 26th, 2009 at 1:52 pm

Will people ever learn? what the hell do we have to do as a people to stop idiots like this from taking over this planet… Its all about money, not wildlife or culture… we have the knowlege to make cleaner and more efficiant fuel, why are we not investing the money in that!!!
Charles P…
Ashford University Undergrad

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