Maine: Plum Creek caught illegally logging rare Deer wintering habitat

Plum Creek officials acknowledged Monday they mistakenly logged part
of a deer wintering area in Indian Stream Township but are now taking
steps to address the issue. Plum Creek’s statement come after members
of the grassroots groups Native Forest Network began calling on the
timber company to halt harvesting in an area west of Big Moose

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The Native Forest Network, an all-volunteer group that claims it works
to protect Maine’s north woods ecosystems and traditional way of life,
had sent delegates to the logging area, which is west of Big Moose
Mountain, without any conflicts with landowner Plum Creek, network
officials said. But this weekend members, who intended to document
what they claim are sensitive winter deer yards in the logging areas,
were turned away by Plum Creek security.

“It seems like they are trying to hide something,” Native Forest Network activist Ryan Clarke said in a statement released Monday. Mark Doty, resource manager with Plum Creek, acknowledged that the company had mistakenly harvested land within a deer wintering area in the Indian Stream Township area.

Doty said the parcel is part of the 32,000 acres of forestland that
Plum Creek has agreed to manage for deer habitat as part of a
voluntary program with the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and
Wildlife. He described the 12-acre parcel as a “finger” that extended
from the rest of the deer wintering area. “It was a boundary mistake,
plain and simple,” Doty said. “We want to thank the Native Forest
Network and the local residents for pointing out the mistake in the
harvest. We initiated our internal review after that.”

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