Brazil: Land Rights, clip from “Quilombo Country”

We call everyone to radical and profound action and reflection in this
grave moment when our mother earth is sick with the fever of global
warming, soon to rise by 2 degrees. Mother earth is beginning to
convulse and it will soon become very difficult to heal her. The
illness of this suicide is destruction, in the name of the myths and
the traps of so-called ‘development’, modernity’ and ‘capitalism’,
which are ending millions of years of equilibrium between the
simultaneous use and conservation of the world by its peoples.

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Life, not just human life, is in danger, in strategic places: the
Amazon, the Pantanal, the Chaco and the remaining tropical forests;
the glaciers and cordillers, as in the Andes; the Polar Circles. And
it is no accident that the struggles to defend these sites are carried
out by indigenous women and men, native peoples, rural workers,
Quilombolas, mixed-race people, Garifunas, people of African descent,
extractors, coastal peoples and diverse social movements.

Land Rights, clip from “Quilombo Country”

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