British Columbia: Timber west has big plans to pave and build their “sustainable” forests

It’s called Couverdon, a play on Coevorden, Capt. George Vancouver’s
ancestral hometown in the Netherlands. The forestry giant will take
54,000 hectares — about 135 Stanley Parks — out of its forest lands
to create what it calls a “sustainable” real estate development. The
company’s aim is to use about 15,000 hectares of that land — about 37
Stanley Parks — as a land base for new communities and industrial
parks. It envisions everything from resorts to manufactured homes for
the middle class. The rest of the 54,000 hectares would be a green
buffer, to keep the developments sustainable.

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Is this going to be controversial? No doubt. There will be arguments
that carving towns out of the forests will be a dangerous precedent, a
thin edge of the wedge to reduce the size of the working forest.

ThereĀ  will be questions, ones that need to be answered carefully by all
levels of government, about what this sweeping development would do to
the nature of Vancouver Island life, and nature itself. In theory,
TimberWest could package its privately held parcels of land as it sees
fit, auctioning it off to developers who pay the highest price.

But it
instead plans on a strategy that will unfold over decades and one, it
insists, that will make Vancouver Island residents partners in future
real estate developments.

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JoeSeptember 8th, 2011 at 12:37 pm

I enjoy the approach in which you have talked about this particular topic. Very discerning. I want you boys to know that this is one of the very best blogs that I have seen in a long time. I look forward to viewing the other comments.

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