Scotland: If someone cut all the trees in your neighborhood garden down

Down came the trees and out came the bushes, leaving one of the few
green spots in the area looking bleak and forlorn. The council intends
to replant the area with wildflowers in the spring. But residents, who
say they woke up to see the trees being felled without any warning,
are furious about what they see as vandalism of a wildlife haven in
the city centre.

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Cammy Finley stepped out of her King’s Stables Road flat to see a
rabbit running about the street, away from the workmen on the woodland
embankment. The 34-year-old secretary said: “It has just been an
absolute joke, I went over and tried to stop them but they wouldn’t
listen. “It was a lovely area with lots of wildlife and greenery but
it has been totally destroyed. I was told it was because of the
rubbish and drug users in the area but this is a totally over-the-top
reaction to this.” Residents said an abundance of wildlife, including
birds, rabbits and squirrels, lived among the trees and bushes above
the section of King’s Stables Road between the Johnston Terrace bridge
and the Grassmarket.

The council said the embankment – which included
around 20 mature trees – had become overgrown and messy. The loss of
trees on King’s Stables Road comes just months after a major revamp of
the Grassmarket saw a number of trees removed from the historic
street. Pensioner Jim Johnson, who has lived in King’s Stables Road
for eight years, said: “It looks terrible, they have left it looking
like a battlefield from World War One and the mud will just slide off
that embankment now there are no trees or shrubs to hold the earth.
“All they needed to do was give it a good clean-out.” Emily Garrick,
21, a student who lives opposite the embankment, added: “There was a
lot of wildlife over there such as birds, squirrels and rabbits but
they have nowhere to go now. “If they wanted to address the rubbish
situation then why didn’t they just clean it up instead of chopping
all these trees down?”

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