Malaysia: Illegal logging still on in Selayang and Ulu Yam

Lorries carrying timber from an illegal logging area in Selayang Murni
are sneaking out at night through the residential areas in Selayang
and Ulu Yam to evade the authorities.

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Since the illegal logging activities were discovered at the forest
land near Jalan SM 11 in Taman Selayang Mulia last year, the timber
lorries had stopped using that road. But that does not mean the
logging has stopped. It is just that the timber lorries are simply
exiting by another route. The owner of the land has lodged a police
report about illegal logging on his land. The illegal logging
operation has ceased since, but the logging tracks are still visible
after one year.

According to a resident, who stays near the site, he
used to see huge 16-wheeler lorries laden with timber emerging from
the jungle at night opposite his house. Now, it is all quiet. He
thinks that the lorries are using a different route and, as evidence,
he pointed to the logging track visible on the hill. When the
StarMetro visited the site, other logging tracks were seen on the hill
near Empangan Batu in Ulu Yam that can only be seen from the top of a
hill in Taman Selayang Mulia. According to Selayang Municipal Council
(MPS) safety and enforcement director Ahmad Faisal Badiu-zaman, the
MPS cannot take any action as the illegal logging activities are under
the jurisdiction of the Selangor Forestry Department. Selangor
Forestry Department assistant director Mohd Yussainy Md Yusop said
they needed to check the place at Selayang Murni before deciding
whether it was illegal logging.

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