Nepal: Friends of Nature Nepal’s conservation campaigns


From the mountain terrain of the Himalayas, home of the endangered
snow leopard (Panthera uncia) to the wetlands of the Terai Arc which
host multiple threatened species, tiny Nepal has many unique habitats.
Friends of Nature Nepal is a local non-government organization (NGO)
whose mission is to ensure that biodiversity is not lost as the
country grows.

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2)Forest Resource Management: A closely connected project is the
Friends of Nature Nepal’s forest resource management work. This
programme combines research into forest quality and coverage with
sustainable use enhancement. In addition to being a country of
tremendous biodiversity, Nepal is very culturally diverse which means
that many different types of traditional land use must be integrated
into any habitat conservation programme.

3) A country with vast water resources, Nepal is also a country facing
serious pollution problems from pesticides and sewage outfall.
Sedimentation from soil erosion adds to the degradation of the water
supply as does salinization in coastal areas. To combat these
environmental threats, Friends of Nature Nepal is helping teach people
soil and water management which also results in increased productivity
for small agricultural users. Water quality monitoring and
distribution of clean drinking water are also part of this programme.

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