UK: Update on Wattling Wood forest defense

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People who live near Watling Wood in Leadgate, near Consett, opposed
plans to remove trees planted in the early 90s by schoolchildren and
Dr David Bellamy. The environmentalist added his voice to the chorus
of opposition to the creation of a double glazing factory and showroom
on the site. Derwentside District Council received over 1,000 names of
people protesting to the scheme by local businessman Gary Hall.

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Members of the development control committee rejected council officer
Graham Blakey’s recommendation of approval and the application was
rejected. Ann Foreman, 64, of Watling Bungalows, Leadgate, helped
organise the opposition. She said: “Many of the parents of the current
crop of pupils at Leadgate Infants and Junior School helped David
Bellamy to plant the trees 17 years ago when they were youngsters
themselves. “It was their sons and daughters who sent drawings
appealing for the trees to be saved which, I am sure, helped to sway
the councillors. “They knew what an unpopular decision it would be
locally to allow the woodland which the village helped to create to be

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