UK: Park to lose streamside poplars, unneeded thinning planned too

The trees – 23 poplars – line the stream which runs towards the
woodland area and are a landmark feature of the grounds. But they were
planted in 1961 and, as poplars only tend to live for around 50 years,
are approaching the twilight of their lifespan. Experts have deemed
them unsafe and recommend they are chopped down, as there is a danger
they could fall on people visiting the park.

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Lichfield District Council is set to start work on Monday, February 2,
to remove the doomed trees. Branches will be chipped on site but the
trunks will remain at Beacon Park over the winter. They will be taken
away later in the year when the ground conditions are ‘more suitable’,
said a council spokesman. Cabinet member for leisure services,
Councillor Val Richards, said replacement trees would be planted later
this year. “It’s a great shame to remove such a lot of trees, but
poplars are notorious for blowing over in strong winds and losing
their branches,” she said. “Because Beacon Park is a popular
attraction, we need to make sure visitors are not put at risk and
sadly have to lose the poplars. “I am pleased to say we will be
planting trees later in the year which will be more robust and better
able to withstand the weather.” Next winter will see the council begin
work to thin the remainder of the woodland so more light can get to
the woodland floor. The plan is then to plant shrubs, bluebells, wood
anemone and other wildflowers to create a peaceful and picturesque
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