Illinois: New Coal mine threatens Great Chandler Timbers

60 people gathered at the Industry Elementary School for a public
hearing regarding the fifth renewal of the Industry Coal Mine Permit
#16 on Wednesday. The area in question is the Great Chandler Timbers,
one of the last remaining sections of old forests in the area, and is
populated with ancient maples, ironwoods, black walnut trees and thorn
apples. The forest has been declared a vital habitat for American bald
eagles, great blue herons and American white pelicans, and the
destruction of this forest has been a cause of major concern from
several area citizens.

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Kim Sedgwick, account technician for Western Illinois University
Document and Publication Services, has been working for years to
defend the remaining forest. She believes the IDNR has failed to
consider the impact of the mine on the surrounding environment and
that the Environmental Protection Agency has been too lax on enforcing
regulations. “This natural heritage should be protected and
undisturbed, utilizing alternative clean energy methods such as wind
power on the past lands they have turned into flat desolated lands,”
Sedgwick said.

“We believe that citizens who value the Grindstone
Creek, the Camp Creek, Willow Creek and Troublesome Creek … should be
greatly outraged by these agencies’ failure to follow rules intended
to protect our natural resources.” According to Sedgwick, aquatic
studies by the IDNR relating to the Grindstone Creek show a drastic
decline in specimens, and many of the sediment ponds hold highly toxic
chemicals, including sulfur, lead, mercury and arsenic.

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jOctober 7th, 2009 at 5:43 pm

im a truck driver hauling fly ash into this mine.from what research i have done there are a lot of regulations that are being broken.the bills of lading from the place we load the ash say its being shipped to springfield coal in farmersville il and has for six months.farmersville mine follow regulations .grindstone mine isnt set up for following any.i wish osha would do something about it too.we are wading in this one told us about any health risks or want to hear about any.

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