Haiti: One of their biggest problems is deforestation

The land was barren, but green. You could tell that it had been beaten
down… but there was still life. With the lack of vegetation you
could see features that were hidden under the trees of mountains back
home. Dozens of peaks running into hundreds of ridges, each with a
trail on top. The ridges sloped down into valleys… steep slopes,
cultivated with tiny terraces all the way down to the brown, dry,
riverbed. My first impression of Haiti, August 13th 2006

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One of Haiti’s biggest problems is deforestation. It’s an ecological
problem caused by social and economic issues that has served as an
integral spoke in the cycle of poverty that Haiti is stuck in. But
when I fly over Haiti, I see this beautiful landscape that could only
have been revealed by a catastrophic failure of man–deforestation.

God didn’t make Haiti beautiful in spite of man’s mistake, he used our
mistake to create beauty. He does the same in each of our lives. It is
the very failings that we believe make us ugly, that God is using to
make us beautiful. Some call that redemption.

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steveJanuary 14th, 2010 at 7:50 pm

I can’t believe the Barack Obama has shelled out $100 million to a country that has no infrastructure, no sanitation, no government whatsoever no laws on protecting their children from parental prostitution, they pollute the streets with their garbage so bad that it flows into the ocean and ruins the ecosystem is time to let these people fend for themselves there’s been enough money wasted on this country we’ve donated millions and millions and millions of dollars over the last decade for their hurricanes and their floods and all their problems and now this. I guess the next step is to go there in completely rebuild their cities give those people new homes new cars and new lives so they go on living their corrupt life, basically what it comes down to is these people need a fresh start on their own do it on their own as they are the only ones to blame for what’s happened to them it doesn’t matter that they had an earthquake, we had hurricane Katrina and no one poured money into our country that help us out so that’s all I have to say the taxpayers already are burdened with the economy falling home values the government buying auto makers GM Chrysler bank bailouts we’ve got her own problems let them deal with various!

FabyJanuary 22nd, 2010 at 9:10 pm

What ever your name is right now you are talking garbage. When you wrote your stupid comment did you even think about what your saying? In this article the writer talks about god and this is what you have to say. I can tell you something write now, god has something planned for you and it is not good. You have no heart at all because when a person helps they are not suppose to think about what they get in return they are just suppose to do it. Another thing is that these people have nothing and if we don’t help, who will. Instead of being selfish you could have said that money isn’t the only way to help Haiti. Thank god you don’t have your full name on here because that was such an ignorant comment. Plus the way people spend their money is none of your business and if you feel so strongly about not giving Haiti money then don’t. Next time you should keep your comments to yourself. You basiclly don’t know what these people have been through and what they are going through now. It’s obvious that you have never experience pain like what the Haitians are going through but don’t worry just remeber what you said because god is going to make you see. I will pray for you because I can tell you don’t think before you write.

steveJanuary 23rd, 2010 at 5:42 pm

Its much easier for camel to pass threw the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to come up off of his ill gotten goods! let all the musicians and movie stars have the haitians move in with them . you say to bad you didnt put your name up there? what is that a threat? your just another bleeding heart who hides behind his keyboard and makes gutless threats!!Ionly am trying to enlighten people as whats really going on with the world and its financial structure!have you ever herd of the rothchild family?google the money masters ,these people by themselves could rebuild that country better than any city in the USA!IM not hateful im just keeping it real, so do your homework junior,tell me why the tax payers need to always come to the rescue! these people need education, haiti used to be beautiful country like the bahamas anyway enough said I will let you read this and you can think of how much of an @%#hole i am, do your homework!If you dont want to read THE FRENCH CONNECTION all about yhe rothchild family, then you can watch the money masters, its about three and a half hours long . I put lots of thought into all i say but people always want to listen with there heart instead of there MIND!

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