Guyana: President pushes forest saving / destroying agenda at social forum

President Bharrat Jagdeo is slated to address the gathering of world
leaders Friday at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland
where he will advocate for incentives for the preservation of
rainforests. The President is among 41 of the world’s leaders
attending the forum during the period January 28 to February 1.

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He will be among those who will make presentations at Friday’s session
which include Kofi Annan, President, Global Humanitarian Forum,
Switzerland; Raj Singh, Chief Risk Officer, Swiss Reinsurance Company
USA; Ajit Gulabchand, Chairman and Managing Director, Hindustan
Construction Company Ltd., India. The WEF bears the theme “Shaping the
Post Crisis World” and will address issues of climate change, global
crisis and economic reform among others. Friday’s session which is
titled “Climate Justice: Basis of a new Global Solidarity”, is
co-organised with the Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches
(SEK-FEPS) and the Global Humanitarian Forum. The following issues are
on the agenda for the session: 1) What is the most equitable solution
to the injustices of climate change? 2) What overlap exists between
adaptation and development? To what extent can compensation and
assistance in dealing with climate change also contribute to
development? 3) What scope is there for action at the international
level to ensure protection of the most vulnerable populations and to
reduce emissions sufficiently to deal with climate change and the
suffering it causes? 4) How can such responsibility

“climate justice” — be established as a guiding principle in the ongoing
negotiations for a successor to the Kyoto Protocol? — President
Jagdeo at a press conference prior to his departure stated that the
issue of deforestation and climate change will be discussed by several
other key speakers at the forum, and this he considers an important
step forward in the area of avoided deforestation. The Guyanese
Leader, who initiated Guyana’s position on Avoided Deforestation,
presented his proposal in December 2008 where he outlined how
solutions to deforestation may be found and how Guyana could ensure
that the world acts in a timely manner while protecting its national
interest. In 2007 the Jagdeo Initiative on Climate Change was first
introduced at the Commonwealth Finance Minister Meeting in October.
The initiative calls for developed countries to give market based
incentives to countries which can offer their rainforest to serve in
the world’s fight against climate change. The President’s proposal
gained recognition from Prince Charles, heir to the British throne,
who said it is one of the most optimistic developments on the issue.

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