Greece: Bulldozing of park leads to even more riots

The move to bulldoze one of the last remaining parks in the Kypseli
district of central Athens sparked off clashes between local residents
and Greek riot police. Yesterday’s decision by Athens mayor, Nikitas
Kaklamanis to order the cutting down of 45 trees to start work on the
construction of a car park led to day long confrontations and the use
of flash grenades and tear gas by the authorities (see here for video
from the independent news agency).

Watch video of riots here:
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The sudden start of construction was, according to Greek media sources
designed to forstall any possible injunction by Athens courts over the
controversial project. Despite having less green spaces than any other
European capital the city of Athens sent in contractors to start
clearing the area despite questions over the legality of the work .

As a result the forestry commission of the Attiki district, which
includes the Greek capital yesterday sued the city of Athens over the
destruction of the park. Athens mayor, Nikitis Kaklamnais, speaking to
Skai TV station claimed that only three trees had been cut down and
that the other 40 were being transplanted. However, eye witness
accounts and pictures taking by local residents seems to cast doubt on
the mayor’s claims.

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