Brazil: Greenpeace and Mongabay’s report and reporting on Cattle

Industry Must: 1) Support the call for zero Deforestation in the
Brazilian Amazon. 2) Stop the trade in products from deforestation and
communicate to suppliers that they will no longer buy from companies
engaged in deforestation. 3) Provide reliable guarantees of the origin
of cattle products such as meat and leather to customers. 4) Reduce
greenhouse gas emissions by adopting environmentally-friendly methods
of production and establish renewable energy targets. –Greenpeace

The best reporting on this report is by
Rhett A. Butler at

Clicking on Greenpeace’s website is a good way to vote for which
campaigns you prefer they focus on.

Join Greenpeace in the call for zero deforestation in the Amazon
rainforest by 2015, by supporting appeals to the Brazilian government,
their national government and international community to support this
demand. Join Greenpeace’s call to governments and companies take real
action to halt deforestation and save the climate.

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pressure governments to agree a strong climate deal in Copenhagen in
December 2009. Take individual action to reduce their carbon
footprint. Some ways of doing so include reducing the quantity of meat
consumed, and checking the origin of the meat or soya products they

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