Mexico: Community Forests

Mexico leads the world in community management of forests for the
commercial production of timber. Yet this success story is not widely
known, even in Mexico, despite the fact that communities around the
globe are increasingly involved in managing their own forest
resources. To assess the achievements and shortcomings of Mexico’s
community forest management programs and to offer approaches that can
be applied in other parts of the world, this book collects fourteen
articles that explore community forest management from historical,
policy, economic, ecological, sociological, and political

The contributors to this book are established
researchers in the field, as well as many of the important actors in
Mexico’s nongovernmental organization sector. Some articles are case
studies of community forest management programs in the states of
Michoacán, Oaxaca, Durango, Quintana Roo, and Guerrero. Others provide
broader historical and contemporary overviews of various aspects of
community forest management. As a whole, this volume clearly
establishes that the community forest sector in Mexico is large,
diverse, and has achieved unusual maturity in doing what communities
in the rest of the world are only beginning to explore: how to balance
community income with forest conservation. In this process, Mexican
communities are also managing for sustainable landscapes and

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