Brazil: Call of Samauma Tree

Yep, there sure is a lot to pray about in this crazy world. So many innocent ones are calling out. Please try to hear the Samaúma standing firm amongst them.

The video, by Amazon Region Protected Areas (ARPA) Program features an Indian boy using the Samaúma tree to make a call for the Amazon preservation. In the Amazon, the Samaúma tree (Ceiba pentandra) is distinguished for its majestic size – growing up to 30 meters tall and 6 meters wide. Legend has it that the Samaúma is the home of Curupira, a boy-like supernatural being which protects the forest and the life it supports.

The indigenous peoples (and the Curupira himself) use the Samauma tree’s immense roots – the sapopemasto – to communicate, drumming on it messages that are sent through the forest.

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Nadir de LimaNovember 18th, 2011 at 7:01 am

it is only standing next to a Samauma tree, one of the biggest tree of the world flora, that you could feel its power and majesty. So is the forest, the great Amazons with it enormous river.
It is impossible to fathom anybody destroying such a majesty but people are doing it on a daily basis.

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