Maryland: Bloggers notice how tree loss increases an un-wanted view of Wal-Mart

I’d received a couple e-mails from people wondering what was up with
all the trees getting cut down at the intersection of routes 24 and
924 near the Constant Friendship shopping center. Yesterday, I
happened to drive by and for the first time I noticed the dramatic

In preparation for adding a cloverleaf traffic pattern at
this intersection, a small forest of trees has been leveled. Now,
instead of thick greenery shielding the bright lights and big box
stores from view along Route 24, we can see Wal-Mart and the
inconveniently designed one-way-in/one-way-out shopping center in all
its glory.

The Talking About Abingdon blog has the best coverage on
this project, so if you’re interested in knowing more about it, click
here: –

Weapons of Mass Destruction Found in Abingdon? Or is it just the
construction crew tearing down every last tree it can find? I don’t
blame them, they’re just doing their jobs. But here at TAA in total
naivete we believed that they would leave one tree, standing. Oh wait,
they did leave one tree standing on the perimeter of Walmart.

Or else they haven’t gotten to it yet. (You can enlarge the photos if you
click on them) Those trees may not seem important to some readers. But
in the summer they blocked the view of the highway, kept the traffic
sounds to a minimum and just looked nice. It at least gave the
illusion there wasn’t a giant shopping center there. And for readers
who will say we always complain about progress, blah blah blah, please
stop reading, because it’s only going to get worse. Please be aware
there are also lane restrictions and lots of construction workers
running around in the road.

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Peggy ColemanJune 24th, 2009 at 5:26 pm

Nasty business ! If I am a tree hugger, what are people who hate trees ? They use really silly “logic” in order to justify chopping, lacerating, grinding, and destroying a tree. Something about insects, and roots damaging pipes, lightning bolts zapping a shopper pushing a metal cart. Blame the tree ! I revere trees as much as I revere cows. They give so much, and ask for very little.
I am also really annoyed by so called tree people who do not know how to prune a tree properly. A bad tree haircut ? yes ! Chop, smash, mangle, tear, get it over with ! Bad tree ! How dare you provide humus for the soil, and shade ! How dare you produce flowers for the bees, and sheer beauty of spring. And finally : how dare you eclipse Wal Mart ! I won’t set foot in Wal Mart. It’s a toxic nightmare. I would rather hug a tree.

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