UK: Forests Defenders protest embassy on behalf of Tasmanian Forests

British activists marked Australia Day by climbing trees and hanging
banners in front of the Australian High Commission in London to
highlight the continued destruction of Tasmania’s old growth and high
conservation value forests. This action has coincided with British MP
Norman Baker’s decision to table an early motion in parliament
regarding recent roading operations in the Upper Florentine Valley. In
Tasmania, forest activists and community members have re-launched Camp
Florentine, with a number of new tree-sits and road blockading
structures set up over the weekend.

“The devastation of some
Tasmania’s ancient forests is a critical global issue. Once again, the
Tasmanian and Australian Governments’ continued support of Forestry
Tasmania and Gunns Limited’s environmentally criminal operations is
being shown up as an international disgrace” said Still Wild Still
Threatened spokesperson Ula Majewski. “The World Heritage Centre, the
IUCN and now members of the British Parliament have expressed their
interest and concerns regarding Forestry Tasmania’s atrocious roading
operations in the Upper Florentine Valley. We once again call on
Minister Garrett, who will be visiting Tasmania this week, to show
some real leadership and put a halt to the destruction of these World
Heritage-valued forests” said Miss Majewski.

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AlvinaNovember 14th, 2009 at 8:14 pm

can not believe I only heard about this when watching Cable TV in Iquitos, on the way to assist in a project trying to save the rainforest!

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