Malaysia: Forest Economics in Sarawak

Timber business is always associated with quick money. Thus, Forest
Timber license is the “trophy” for politician in cohort with
businessman. Timber business is also associated with corruption in a
very BIG WAY. The many facets of timber business attracts corruption –
people looking for fast money. Unfortunately, timber business also
bring much damage to the environment and many negative social impact
in Sarawak rural population. Still, in many parts of rural Sarawak
where timber was extensively extracted, no development of any kind
were implemented in the area.

Truly, the State government has
mismanaged the money got from our forest timber and divert it to we do
not know where. There are many – export duty, sales tax, 5% cess fee,
etc. This timber business make instant millionaire of many politician.
The timber businessman used the money to develop other business and
even control the media in Sarawak. The timber businessman become very
powerful and become political power broker in Sarawak. What happened
to the poor population in Sarawak – where did the timber money go to?
The Sarawak Timber Association is so flush with money – and which
Dayak NGO has been given funds from STA? I never heard of STA giving
charity to natives NGOs. I hope I am wrong on that account. STIDC
lately gave $5.2 million to install wireless broadband in MUKAH area.
Can such money be used abitrarily in such a manner.

Maybe – wireless
broadband is the State government program to eradicate poverty in
Sarawak and it is piloted in Mukah, a very poor District. I wonder
when will the people of Ulu Rejang, Opar, Lawas, Kanowit have their
broadband finance by STIDC as the District would be just as poor as
Mukah. What is the current timber status in Sarawak? Timber has
depleted. The timber man became richer, the poor man is poorer. Many
politician get involved in corrupted way to lobby for timber license.
The politician is part of the scheme to influence ” Minister – con
man ” to bring the timber license application to te CHIEF MINISTER for
his approval. This is big time con-job by many politician. They called
this business “Cari kan tow”.

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BradAugust 24th, 2009 at 3:49 am

I am Sarawakian who feel so sad & Shame of our state government. they have overlook the important of our beautiful forest over their wealth. the saying “you can never earn all the money in this world” so how can one be so greedy that misuse our environment to turn into money. i am sure there are others ways to earn a living from our forest. why must we cut down trees that takes hundred even thousand year to grow?

i fly over the coastal area of sarawak, what you can see is hundred & thousand hectare of Palm oil plantation. this view is like a cancer on human body. it spread wider and wider until one day we are not able to cure it.

it is so sad to see out beautiful forest being logged and turn into Palm oil plantation.

i think the government should take action and come out with better solution for income rather than cutting down trees from our forest.

Huiles essentiellesOctober 6th, 2009 at 5:22 am

Thanks for this post, it is realy interesting…
.-= Huiles essentielles´s last blog ..Aromath√©rapie =-.

SueFebruary 28th, 2010 at 1:24 am

Oil palm plantation everywhere.. the rest secondary forest and bush…hardly any primary rainforest left..

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