Malawi: Minister of Finance wants a tree planting culture

Minister of Finance, Goodall Gondwe has called on Malawians to
cultivate a tree planting culture as a commitment to biodiversity
conservation and combating deforestation. Gondwe said the problems of
hunger and water shortage experienced in some areas in the country
were due to deforestation. “Most of the dry places that we see today
had water in the sixties but after cutting down all the trees, the
places went dry,” said Gondwe. The country’s economic engeneer was
speaking at Kankhumbwe village in Chief Chilooko’s area in Ntchisi
district when he launched the central region tree planting season.
During the launch, 804 trees were planted.Gondwe said if people plant
more trees, problems of hunger and water shortage would be reduced in
some areas.

He also encouraged Malawians to desist from rampant tree
cutting. The Finance Minister explained that tree planting remains one
of the most cost-effective ways to address climate change. He said
trees and forests play a vital role in regulating the climate since
they absorb carbon dioxide. District Commissioner for Ntchisi, Lyford
Mgunda said people in the district take the season seriously by
planting trees in areas where they have been depleted with the help of
the forestry department in the district.

“Through MASAF, we’ve been
planting trees and we are still continuing in areas where there is
deforestation,” said Mgunda. Trees also play a crucial role in
providing a range of products and services to rural and urban
populations, including food, timber, fibre, medicines and energy as
well as soil fertility, water and biodiversity conservation.

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nhnurseryJanuary 27th, 2009 at 6:23 am

Stay the course on the tree plantings! Very important for the earth and your infrastructure, trees support life.

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