China: New species found in Yinggeling Nature Reserve

A scientific exploration has found some new biological species in a
rainforest of Yinggeling Nature Reserve in China’s southernmost Hainan
Province. The one-week exploration in mid-January discovered a new
insect called Dolichothyreus stigmatus, rare tree Trigonobalanus
verticillata and the Wax Plant, previously known only from peninsular
Malaysia and Sumatra.

The exploration team was composed of experts
from the Hainan Yinggeling Nature Reserve, Hong Kong Kadoorie Farm and
Botanic Garden and South China Agricultural University. “Biodiversity
is extremely high in Yinggeling’s tropical rainforest and it is a
vital wildlife refuge.

We basically made new discoveries in every
scientific exploration in this forest, which is on a par with other
biodiversity hot spots worldwide,” said Dr. Bosco Chan, zoologist from
the Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden. Yinggeling mountain range is
located in the center of the island province and covers 500 square
kilometers. Thanks to its remoteness and inaccessibility, it has
avoided human disturbances and has a relatively intact tropical
rainforest ecosystem preserving rich fauna and flora resources.

2005, Chinese and foreign scientists have conducted several scientific
expeditions in the area, and discovered 14 new species.

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