Colorado: 600 acres per month of Beetle killed trees logged on Routt NF

Beetle-killed trees are being removed at a rate of about 600 acres a
month on the Routt National Forest, according to Jamie Kingsbury,
Hahn’s Peak/Bear Ears District Ranger. “The removal of dead trees,
along with planting nearly three-quarters of a million seedlings in
the past decade, is helping to usher in the new forest,” Kingsbury
said. The Routt National Forest has 25 active timber sales. “We’re
protecting the young lodgepole and all of the other species while we
remove the dead lodgepole. Harvesting the dead trees provides wood
products for the nation and establishes favorable conditions for the
next forest,” forester Andy Cadenhead said.

Nine contractors are
logging, some local and some from Oregon and Montana. Most of the
timber is going to Intermountain Resources in Montrose. “In 10 years,
there won’t be any more red trees, and we’ll have a new green forest
full of young trees,” Cadenhead said. He said the dead trees that
remain in the forest will have fallen to the ground and will be less
noticeable. They will be home to insects and eventually rot away,
returning nutrients to the soil. The young trees that exist now will
grow rapidly.

“We’ll be surprised at how big they are in a few years.
Forests are very resilient,” Cadenhead said. Routt County’s Bark
Beetle Information Task Force plans to host community and youth
tree-planting events next year to celebrate the Task Force’s 10th
anniversary. It was formed as an educational group after the Routt
Divide Blowdown, a windstorm that uprooted 13,000 acres of trees on
the Routt National Forest, triggered a spruce beetle epidemic. The
drought-triggered pine beetle epidemic was unforeseen at the time.

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David SkillingJuly 12th, 2009 at 5:41 am

where can a person get some of these dead tree’s killed by beetles

Kay AlbertJuly 13th, 2009 at 1:08 pm

I would love to know. My elderly mother has a wood stove, this would help heat her house for YEARS!

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