Finland: Petition against Biofuels

Helsinki City Transport plans to increase the use of palm oil as fuel. Biofuels made out of palm oil could be the only fuel used in the bus traffic already next year. The use of palm oil destroys rainforests in Malaysia and Indonesia, leads to the extinction of the orangutan and other species, causes human rights problems and is one main factor in the climate change. Last year, a World Bank report put the loss from deforestation at 2.6 billion tons a year, making Indonesia the third largest source of CO2 on Earth, behind China and the United States.

In 2008 Oxfam estimated that, by 2020, emissions associated with Indonesian and Malaysian palm oil production, stimulated by EU biofuel policies both for biodiesel and the replacement of domestic edible oils, would total around 4.6 billion tons of CO2. Forest clearance and peatland conversion accounts for most of this. This level of total emissions is 68 times the savings the EU hopes to make from using biofuels by 2020. Public transport should be environmentally friendly and not the opposite! Please sign the petition, which is addressed to the decision makers in Helsinki!

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