Cameroon: British High Commission and Department for International Development visit

The seven-man delegation from the House of Commons led by Tim Yeo, Chairman, Environmental audit Committee including MPs from the ruling Labour Party, as well as the Conservative and the Liberal Democratic parties are expected to visit community forests and environmental projects sponsored by the British High Commission and the Department for International Development in partnership with Government for rural development and forestry conservation for the past fifteen years. Given the importance of the Congo Basin in the world’s ecosystem, there is growing concern for governments of the region to slow down the process of deforestation which is one of the key elements of the world’s response to the challenge of climate change.

Talks held with PM Inoni focused on Cameroon’s leadership role in the determination of how best to reconcile the economic needs of the peoples of Cameroon with the world’s need in slowing down the process of deforestation. The British government is seeking ways and means to successfully channel necessary resources especially finances to Cameroon who plays a leadership role in the region and as such could easily preach by example. The Head of Government who underscored the importance of their mission not only for Cameroon but for humanity as a whole given the key role played by the Congo basin in addressing climate change. He also stated that it is the responsibility of the international community to propose an alternative solution to sustainable management of the forest given that most of the populations depend on the forest for their survival.

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lovetteDecember 2nd, 2009 at 2:43 am

hi Cameroon it will be rather fair if you can publish the results of your trade that is the imports and exports figures of whatever product we engage into.This will help Cameroonian university students in their research programs .

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