EU: New forest economics data-base released

Timber and Forestry programme of the UN Economic Commission for Europe
(UNECE) and the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) have
released a new web-based resource tool to enable researchers,
policymakers, practitioners and the general public to access data on
Europe’s forests. The database includes information on the balance of
carbon in forest ecosystems, forest health condition, status of forest
biodiversity, aspects of production, protected forest areas, as well
as social and economic aspects of the forestry sector. The database is
a comprehensive research tool based on the State of Europe’s Forests
2007 report, and includes information collected by hundreds of
individuals and dozens of agencies.

It makes information available for
27 quantitative indicators, structured by six criteria for sustainable
forest management endorsed by the Ministerial Conference on the
Protection of Forests in Europe. In line with the structure of
criteria and indicators for sustainable forest management, the data
illustrate trends of chosen variables for the years 1990, 2000 and
2005. It is expected that this series will be continued. The interface
enables online review and simple analysis, but also allows selective
extraction of the requested data in different formats.

The database is available at:

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