Guyana: An emphasis on community forestry in 2009

Community forestry will continue to be a major project area in 2009 in
terms of the coordination of Community Forest Organisations and the
provision of technical support. The project will result in the
broadening of the special utilization base in Guyana and has been
implemented over 2007/8 with encouraging test results now being taken
forward by the industry. Forest inventory activities were executed in
seven communities.

Community development and forest management plans
were developed for two pilot communities and are being implemented.
Additionally, the Forestry Training Centre Inc has provided Reduced
Impact Logging training for several community groups, Persaud said.
Monitoring continues to be a priority in the sector and as such an
additional 50 forest rangers have been recruited and each large
concession will have a minimum of two officers to monitor harvesting
activities. The GFC is implementing a project aimed at addressing the
level of efficiency and quality of forest products produced by the
processing sub sector in Guyana. The GFC is now ensuring that all
forest produce for export is graded, he said. Funding was secured last
June from ITTO for a project on value adding and kiln drying,
targeting small and medium sized operators.

This project will be fully
implemented this year. Speaking of his Ministry’s direct involvement
in the sector, Persaud said that the Ministry of Agriculture has
engaged the Brazilian Government in discussion for assistance to
conduct satellite monitoring of our forestry resources. The project to
reduce illegality in traded timber through the introduction of
computerized log tracking system and remote sensing is about 60
percent completed. The project will be completed in 2009. Log exports
for 2008 declined considerably when compared to 2007. The exports for
2008 were 92,400 cubic metres representing 33.6 percent of total log
production (275,320 m3) as compared to 2007 where log exports (157,097
m3) represented 48 per cent of total log production (330,374 m3). The
export of sawn lumber in 2008 was 47,602 cubic metres representing 71
percent of total production (66,958 m3) when compared to export of
sawn lumber in 2007 which was 43,824 cubic metres or 58.9 percent of
total production of 74,363 m3. Last week, Persaud also presented the
select committee report of the Forest Bill 2007. He is optimistic that
this will be approved by Parliament very early in this year.

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