Turkey: Government amendment attempts to sell off public forest reserves

ANKARA – A government sponsored amendment to allow the sale of land
formerly considered as protected forest was passed Friday by
Parliament. The amendment to the Land Registry Law allows for the sale
of state land, on which illegal settlement has occurred, to current
users, generating significant income for the government, while
registering illegally built houses.

Critics say that while the land of
the already destroyed forests could be used to generate income, an
amendment such as this would legitimize unlawful practices and result
in an even greater destruction of forests. When the Land Registry Law
was passed in 2004, then president, Ahmet Necdet Sezer, vetoed the
entire bill because of a clause similar to the one currently proposed.

The government says most of the land that can be sold with this
amendment now houses whole neighborhoods in many locations around the
country. The new amendment needs to be approved by the president to
come into effect.

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