Nigeria: Mangroves don’t need any more gas flaring poison

Nigeria contains the 4th largest area of mangroves forests in the
world, but these important wetland forests are endangered by oil
development in the Niger Delta, where billions of dollars worth of oil
are being extracted by mega giants in the oil industry, such as Shell
and Chevron, and billions of dollars worth of natural gas, which is
extracted along with the oil, is wasted by burning in mammoth gas
flares that burn 24 hours a day for years at a time. Some of these gas
flares have been burning for almost 40 years, polluting the air,
causing acid rain and massive oil spills, ruining the waterways,
killing the mangroves and coastal life, harming the health and
livelihoods of millions of Niger Delta people who must live in the
shadow of these awful gas flares.

The local communities of Niger Delta
remain impoverished without electricity to power their homes. Many
have only the light of the gas flares burning throughout the night to
light their way into a near hopeless future…unless the gas flares
are soon put out forever! But towards this end you can help!


In the past, MAP has joined other NGOs and community groups in Nigeria
working to halt the terrible practice of gas flaring in Niger Delta.
Recently, the Nigerian government allowed its own set deadline of
December 31, 2008, to go by without taking action to enforce its own
intended ban. Now MAP joins Global Response, Environmental Rights
Action and Friends of the Earth in a worldwide campaign to finally
persuade Nigerian authorities to take action on behalf of their
citizens’ health and economy. Please write your own letter or use the
model provided below.

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