Malaysia: How to write good ecotourism copy / ads ; -)

So, are your objectives in sync? The objectives, whatever they may be,
to visit the Royal Belum would indeed be commendable. For ardent
nature lovers, a visit would serve a good platform for constructive
input, increase awareness on challenges to preserve and conserve the
rainforest and its heritage while harnessing its worth through various
economic and social development opportunities – biotechnology,
pharmacology and eco-tourism, to name a few.

Other specifics would be
to identify its environmental, cultural and economic values and
determine how these can be maintained through sustainable management.
Scientists and lay workers may want to work out strategies and
recommendations in brand-positioning and discovery and write original
experiences on the treasures and adventures associated with it.

Malaysia is one of the only twelve mega-biodiverse countries in the
world. It harbours its best kept secret in the Royal Belum. The Belum
Valley or Upper Belum, bordering the East-West Highway and the Thai
border, sits squarely on 117,500 hectares of mountains, jungles and a
tropical rainforest. The Royal Belum, previously inaccessible and
largely unexplored due to security reasons, now offers scientists and
potential researchers the rare opportunity to discover the area and
its environments.

Naturally, there are concerns from various quarters
on preserving and conserving this great heritage. However, without a
shade of doubt, it provides practitioners a triple-way forward to
exhange ideas, learn about Mother Nature’s gifts and make ways for
bona fide developments.

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