Burma: Reports of illegal logging in Arakan state

Deforestation rates are the highest in the world in Burma aka:
Myanmar. I often espouse that trees are an indicator species of
peace. Where there are old forests that are still healthy there is
usually social stability and lower murder rates. When there is
genocide and military led governments what little forest remains is
often eliminated as rapidly as possible. A Forest Policy Research
project in the works will map out forest cover and correlate it to
maps of violence, war and instability. If anyone out there has good
maps that may be of use please send links. –Deane

Kyauk Taw: Forests in northern Arakan state located near southern Chin
State are being depleted due to illegal felling of timber from the
area by the Burmese Army, said local reports. The local timber
companies are felling timber from many mountain ranges in northern
part of Kyauk Taw Township, an area located in southern Paletwa
Township in Chin State for a long time after bribing army officials.

In some mountain ranges in areas like Mi let wa, Min Thar daung and Pe
Chaung taung, timber companies have cut timber illegally without
permission of the forest department. The report said, army authorities
from Sakhaka, known as Military Operation Planning Bureau, 5 based in
Kyauk Taw gave permission to the timber companies to fell timber from
the area reasoning to the local people that the income from timber
companies are for army funds. However, local people strongly believe
that the income from timber companies are not for army funds but it is
for army officials own consumption, the report said.

Many mountain
ranges in the northern part of Kyauk Taw Township are now faced with
denudation of forest cover because of rampant felling of trees. The
report said, many local people from Sapa Sit, Teen Nyo, Thet ratapin,
Nyung Pin Hla have worked in the timber felling leading to
deforestation in the region. According to local reports, many army
battalions stationed in Arakan state have been felling timber from
nearby forests to sell in local markets for their respective battalion
funds. As a result deforestation in Arakan state has become
widespread. http://www.narinjara.com/details.asp?id=2017

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