Panama: Forcing trees & forests to conform to unnatural, unhealthy economic schemes

A graduate Student from Ohio came up with a bright idea wile working
in Panama with the Peace Corps volunteers. Joint in the project by
other Grand students from The Johns Hopkins University and Virginia
Tech. They came up with a new or rather old and revived concept of
leasing land rather then buying it and planting 500 trees per acre.
Those would be mature for harvesting with in 25 years and become a
valuable source of income on the tropical hard wood market. The Key to
this model and the success of it, is the fact that unlike other past
projects that bot out the farm land and reforested it with out care
taker nor follow up, displaced the Farmers and forced them off their
land, clearing yet more rain forest some where else and restarting the
same problem all over again. This Model however keeps the farmer on
the land by making him a long-term partner and leasing part of his
land for planting tropical hard wood, wish in turn can be harvested
and sold at a high price with in 25 years time. Providing the
Investors and the farmer with profits.

Each investor must put down at
least $7,000.00 US; this would have an equivalent return of 7.8% per
annum once the Trees are being harvested. The first harvest would
happen after 5 years once the trees have to cleared due to the dense
grows wish would provide a first return on the investment, however the
large pay back would only happen 25 years after the initial planting.
One has to think of it as a retirement fund or College fund for the
Children or grand Children. The benefit would be that we would be able
to save the Rain forest and keep the farmers on the farm as well as
providing income through work, since the farmer has to tend to those
trees. Part of the investment goes into the cost of leasing the land,
Paying the farmer to tend to the trees and the rest goes into buying
Trees and planting those as well as later harvesting them. It is a
good idea and yes, the lop holes have been taken care of as well. The
Farmer is not allowed to buy more land and clear it with the gains nor
can he use the planted area. The business plan is in fact so well
though out that, it won recognition in College-sponsored competitions
aimed at promoting socially responsible ventures. Such as at the
University of Washington and the University of Texas. As Mr. Croston,
the brainchild behind this Idea said “We believe in a more inclusive
sort of capitalism.” In addition, I fully endorse him on that one.

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