Ethiopia: Fight to win lands from total annihilation has failed.

Like many other drives to the salvation of our natural wonders, the
fight to win Ethiopian lands from total annihilation has failed.
Probably, the growing needs of the people were the primary reason for
the failure of the project which resulted to irreparable damages.
Aside from this, here is a list of the dynamics which caused the
breakdown of the hard work to conservation: lack of persistence in
solving the problem, local community unawareness to the importance of
forest preservation, the permanent settlement of immigrants who seek
to have businesses over the exploding coffee trade, absence of
participation among minority groups, ownership of the lands is mostly
of the state, political issues which vary in support towards the green
movement; and lastly, the unrelenting population growth which requires
more forested lands to be cultivated for various uses.

everything is possible if much effort and labor is exerted. Newer and
better projects came out in the open during the year 2002. The new
millennium has paved way for more realistic and goal oriented drive to
the conservation of Ethiopia’s forested areas. Their objective is to
retain the coffee plantation for the Ethiopian economy and at the same
time preserve the yet untouched areas of their jungles. Socio-economic
projects also came to support the expanding populace of the nation;
and their aim is to make the citizens as educated as possible. Various
research studies were also carried out to gain further knowledge
regarding their forests and the capabilities it brings.

With these in
mind, the possibilities of a better and more beautiful Ethiopian
environment are beyond doubt attainable. What it needs are people who
support against deforestation in Ethiopia. Willingness and cooperation
should be practiced by every people whether you are in the minority or
majority of groups. It doesn’t essentially count what your standing
is, what really matters is your actual standpoint in fighting against
the demise of our world.

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Watt SmithJanuary 14th, 2009 at 2:51 pm

This blog is amazing. I totally agree, and I would love to help stop the destruction of Ethiopian forests.


Watt Smith

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