Arizona: Logging all the oldest healthiest biggest trees first is the real fire problem.

The Republic’s recent article on forest management shows where the
future lies (“Saving forests,” A1, Dec. 12). If the past big-tree
logging was the answer, our forests would not be overgrown with small
trees and as vulnerable to unnaturally large wildfires as they are

So we need to change the focus. As a member of the Governor’s
Forest Health Council, I’ve seen that agreement among fire agencies,
local governments, wood-products industries and conservationists lies
in thinning our overgrown forests of the huge number of small trees
and brush nearest communities at risk from wildfire.

With limited
dollars and continuing drought, let’s develop opportunities to restore
the forests and protect people and their homes. There are millions of
acres involved on which we can all agree. – Rob Smith,Phoenix The
writer is a Southwest representative, Sierra Club Southwest Office.

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RyanMay 8th, 2009 at 12:41 pm

I have lived in Arizona for over 20 years and consider myself somewhat of a big tree hunter. I have seen alot of the lesser known back-country areas and the forest management is appaling. Monocultures, doghair, and poles DOMINATE the landscape. Interesting how most of the biggest trees are next to roads and campsites. That way they can downplay the problem and pretend that environmentalists are exagerating. This is done on purpose no matter what anyone tells you. Well I know better. The Forest Service has endangered the lives of everyone on the rim and in other mountain ranges through their incompetent and profit driven approach to forest management. Its almost on the the verge of a general conspiracy and its very obvious when you take the time to go through the forests and truly take stock of whats going on. Charges should be brought up and a general congressional inquiry is in order. I am not an important person but I am going to do my best to make that happen.

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