Canada: Forest Ethics’ misrepresentation & privatization of fake forest protection

ForestEthics operates with no mandate or even discussion whatsoever
from either the BC environmental community, or the general public or
First Nations of BC. ForestEthics instead utilizes an archaic
collaborative approach, -an approach which may have had some merit way
back at the turn of the millenium, but has now become totally obsolete
given the scale and emergency of the global ecological catastrophe.

The collaborative approach employed by ForestEthics and ENGO’s like
Greenpeace, WWF etc. etc is being widely condemned and denounced all
around the world by the progressive community. To pursue that outdated
approach to environmentalism puts your organization square in the
destroyers camp. I know that I speak on behalf of an inexorably
growing recognition that your collaborative approach is hampering the
efforts of the progressive community. We don’t want ForestEthics
collaborations and subsequent inevitable compromises and Greenwash of
the dirty-oil Tar-Sands pipeline. Please just go away back to the USA
where you came from. Sincerely, Ingmar Lee

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