Russia: New forest plan signed in Karelia

On December 29 Head of Karelia Sergey Katanandov has signed the
Forestry Plan of the republic. This volumetric document defines in
detail prospects of timber industry complex development in the region
for the period from 2009 to 2018. The Plan assumes, that during this
period the fiscal revenues from use of woods of the republic will make
10,6 billion rbl. Thus, volume of payments in the federal budget will
make 7,4 billion rbl., and the budget of Karelia will receive 3,2
billion rbl.

As the Head of Karelia has emphasized, such documents of
great consequence are signed once in 10 years. «Our task is to create
clear game rules in the branch and to preserve timber resources of the
republic for the future,» – Sergey Katanandov has noted. As experts
estimate, annual gain of wood in Karelia makes 14 million cubic
metres, however in view of ecological and social factors the amount of
forest exploitation is established in the volume of 10 million cubic
metres. It is expected, that upon start up of the planned capacities
in lumbering and pulp and paper industry about 90% of harvest will be
processed by enterprises of Karelia. At the moment the republic
harnesses about 70% of allowable cut. To increase this parameter the
Forestry Plan of Karelia provides development of a network of wood
roads. The Forestry Plan names 5 forest economy areas, each of which
has its specificity of forest exploitation: Byelomorsk, Kalevala,
Frontier, Ladoga, and Onego. For each area there have been defined
lists of priority way of forest exploitation. For example,
recreational activity is on the first place in Ladoga area, and in
other areas it is logging and processing of wood. The republic became
one of 10 subjects of the Federation that have approved their Forestry
Plans before other regions of Russia. The Forestry Plan of Karelia is
developed by the Russian Research and Development Institute for Forest
Management Organisations and Environment Protection Assets and has
received positive conclusion from the Federal Forestry Agency and
Ministry of Agriculture of Russia.

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