EU: How will systems of traceability effect the industry?

Whereas the majority of the industral sectors have developed systems
of traceability, from the supplies of raw materials of components, to
the final products in the market, the Forestry and Wood network is
more in the beginning of traceability partly due to a complicated
supply chain structure. The objective of this project is to develop a
methodology and advanced technologies that can improve the use of wood
and optimize the forest production through the chain oftransformation,
minimizing environmental impacts. The Indisputable Key is a project
launched by EU. 29 partners from 5 countries : Estonia, Finland,
France, Norway and Sweden.

The partners represent research institutes, universities, industrial developers, forestry and sawmill companies. Wood properties are hard to predict due to that wood is a living material.
There will always be loss of material during refinement – the amount of loss is
strongly affected by the matching of raw material (particular wood properties)
to the end product. This material loss also varies depending on the kind of end
product. A small percentage of loss can add up to a substantial amount of money.
To refine a log with the right wood properties for a specific end product, traceability is essential. If one could pin-point certain trees, due to their properties, to a specific end product the material loss could be greatly reduced and the end product quality could be improved. An individual marking of logs will enable the industry to trace refined wood material back to its origin. To successfully accomplish this, marking has to take place and be sustained at every stage were the wood material is refined. No such system is available on the market today.

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