Montana: Site of BItteroot wildfire in 2000 has been revisited

This famous photo of two elk standing in the Bitterroot River during a
wildfire in 2000 has been widely published and was used as the
dramatic cover for my book Wildfire: A Century of Failed Forest
Policy. I subsequently revisited the same location as the cover, and
took a second photo of the river–minus elk and wildfire. This
comparison of the two locations–one during the fire, and the second
taken several years later, demonstrates that even spectacular fires
are often not nearly as “destructive” as portrayed.

I was not able to
duplicate the exact angle of the original photo as I did not have a
copy of it with me at the time. However, the photographer has
confirmed that my re photo of the location is the same general spot.
This comparison of two photos taken in the same location demonstrates
that wildfires are seldom as “destructive” as portrayed. I did not
have the top photo with me when I visited this spot so was not able to
duplicate the exact camera angle. However, I believe the photographer
was standing by the fence on the right hand bank of the river and
shooting back up the river. Note the elk are standing just beyond a
gravel bar in the top photo. I believe the snow covered gravel bar in
the lower photo is the same location.

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