Malaysia: Stop all development activities in mangrove forests!

Sahabat Alam Malaysia (SAM) has urged the Government to stop all
activities in mangrove forests and pay serious attention to the threat
posed by the aquaculture industry which has resulted in the
deterioration of the mangrove forest ecosystem. SAM president S.M.
Mohamed Idris said there was a need to reconsider the industrial
aquaculture zones and prohibit aquaculture activities in mangrove

“The Government should also develop a strong policy and law
to control the aquaculture industry as well as to rehabilitate damaged
mangrove forests to ensure protection for our coastlines,” he told
reporters here Friday. He said the areas that were badly hit by the
tsunami in 2004 suffered huge losses because their mangrove forests
had been converted for aquaculture industries. “The tragedy of tsunami
created a chaotic situation throughout the world and these are
valuable lessons to avert future tragedies especially in the light of
adverse impact of climate change in the future,” he said. He said
mangrove forests in Malaysia has decreased drastically despite a
warning by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to stop any
invasion and destruction of these forests and a call to replant
mangrove trees. In conjunction with the anniversary of the 2004
tsunami in Penang Friday, SAM, in collaboration with the Consumer
Association of Penang (CAP), will replant about 6,000 mangrove trees
in six different locations in Kedah, Penang and Perak. The tsunami,
triggered by an earthquake in the Indian Ocean off Sumatra on Dec 26,
2004 claimed over 230,000 lives in countries like Indonesia, India,
Sri Lanka, Thailand, Somalia, Maldives and

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