Philippines: New Bill to require tree planting of all foreigners

Foreigners seeking admission to the Philippines may soon be required
to plant trees prior to the issuance of their visas, if a bill in the
House of Representatives is passed into law. House Bill 5577 seeks to
amend Sections 9 and 13 of The Philippine Immigration Act of 1940 for
foreigners to plant at least 10 trees in the region they plan to stay.

“Southeast Asia could have three-fourths less forest cover and 42%
less biodiversity by 2010 at the current rate of logging, forest fires
and problematic land use,” author Rep. Rufus Rodriguez (Cagayan de
Oro) said in an article on the House of Representatives website. He
added this would show the foreign national’s commitment to protecting
the environment. Rodriguez noted that global warming and climate
change are intertwined with the world’s decreasing biodiversity. For
non-immigrant applicants, the additional requirement of planting trees
shall apply to an alien businessman, an accredited official of a
foreign government recognized by the Philippine government. The
proposed measure also covers a student who plans to take up a course
higher than high school, and an alien covered by prearranged
employment. Also, the bill provides that parents or guardians of
minors seeking admission as immigrants shall also be obliged to comply
with this requirement.

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