India: Wildlife conservation in Sathyamangalam forests

Wildlife conservation in Sathyamangalam forests has received the
much-needed fillip after the Government of India declared a portion of
the area as a sanctuary. The Government has brought in 52,434.94 ha of
the total 1,45,530.92 ha in the Sathyamangalam forests, which is a
good 36 per cent of the area.

The sanctuary areas comprise the
Thalavady range (Palayam, Belathur, Gettavadi) and Bhavani Sagar range
(Thengumarahada, a part of Thalamalai, Gejalatti, and Peerkadavu,
entire Kothamangalam and a part of Bannari), which are spread over 22,
325.63 ha. The second is the Guthiyalathur and Guthiyalathur
extension, which comprises Sathyamangalam range (Thimbam, Vadavalli,
Chickarasampalayam, Kondappanaicken Palayam and Kembanaiken Palayam)
and T.N. Palayam (a part of Kadambur forests, Vilankombai,
Kongarpalayam, a part of Kovilur, entire Bungalow Pudur,
Kanackampalayam and a part of Kundri). The area is about 30,109.31 ha.
The forest area the Government has declared a sanctuary is
strategically important in the sense that it connects Western Ghats
with Eastern Ghats and comes under the elephant migratory path.
District Forest Officer S. Ramasubramanian points out that during the
migratory season elephants in and around Nilgiris pass through the
region to Bandipur and neighbouring sanctuary and vice versa.
Conservator of Forests P. Durairasu says the area protected is rich in
Black Buck, an endangered species, which too can be conserved. Raman
Sukumar, professor and chairman, Centre for Ecological Sciences,
Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, says it will lead to the
conservation of a very important Asian elephant habitat.

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S.KannaiyanJanuary 3rd, 2009 at 3:12 pm

This decision was not taken not in consultation with local people. The proposed sanctuary will undoubtedly protect the forest and wild life. But why it was not protected by the forestry department? why do we need more sanctuaries? The impact on livelihoods of thousands of families who had their rights on forest is a big question mark. Why government is not implementing forest rights act 2006 which safeguards the interest of the forest as well as people.

NiveditaSeptember 12th, 2009 at 10:27 pm

Next time you visit bandipur make sure you cross the forest check post before 9 mp of after 6 am because the road is closed after 9 pm .
and this rule is being implemented strictly .

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