Canada: Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an agent of genocide

Yes, Virginia, there are real Algonquins. Created the natural way.
Without any help from Canada’s Indian Affairs or their bureaucratic
“Svengali”, Mother Joan Holmes. The Algonquins of Barriere Lake in
northern Quebec have lived in the area now known as “LaVerendrye Park”
since time immemorial, long before colonial Quebec or Canada existed.
It’s a four hour drive north from Ottawa. They’ve taken care of the
land so that the forest and water are pristine. Plenty of minerals lie
beneath that they don’t want to disturb.

Of course, the multinational
corporations want to deforest the land, take out the fresh water and
then dig for the minerals. Corporations like Domtar, Tembec and
AbitibiBowater want to deforest and exploit the land. Why in a park?
FSC “is a non-profit organization that sets global standards for
responsible forestry”. 80% of their revenue comes from governments,
private foundations, corporations and non-governmental organizations,
some associated with the United Nations. The original Indigenous
owners of the world’s forests have not been informed or consulted
about this. According to the Indigenous of Clayoquot Sound British
Columbia, “it’s a fraudulent scam to allow marketing of old growth
forests around the world”. It is a scheme that has perverted the
efforts of such well known environmental activists as the Nature
Conservancy, Sierra Club, World Wildlife Fund, David Suzuki
Foundation, Green Peace, the Pembina Institute, Ivey Foundation,
Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, Rainforest Alliance, Ducks
Unlimited, Global Forest Watch Canada, National Environment Trust,
Environmental Defence Canada and others. Instead of promoting
environmental protection, it looks like they are now lending their
support, knowingly or unknowingly, to those who would exploit and
pollute the environment for private profit. Huge tensions surround
this situation. The current economic melt down should lead to
creating a sustainable economy and sharing the world’s resources
fairly. We Indigenous people have always questioned why we are forced
to subsidize foreign companies who extract profits from our resources
and leave us with a mess. The province of Newfoundland just stripped
the rights and assets of U.S. company AbitibiBowater Inc. They say
they’re tired of seeing “their” [Indigenous] resources exploited with
no return for the people!

A modern-day illustration by Shinnecock artist David Bunn Martine
depicts the creation mythology of the people of western Long Island
during the 17th century. (From: The Algonquian Peoples of Long Island
From Earliest Times to 1700, Heart of the Lakes Publishing)

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