Moldova: Tourism centers and reforestation planned

Vladimir Voronin said that these tourism centres are to be placed near
forest enclosures. For their part, the enclosures will be restored and
updated on the basis of new-type projects, so as to become models to
organise conditions of activity for woodmen. The director-general of
the Moldsilva Forestry Agency, Anatolie Popusoi, has said that, in
2002-2008, the woods have been considerably extended.

On this period,
the forest areas increased by 16 per cent due to the planting of more
than 60,000 hectares of new woods. This accounts for a half of an area
of 130,000 hectares which is scheduled to be afforested by 2020.
Popusoi said that about 8,500 hectares of new woods are annually
planted, of which 8,000 ha on eroded lands, in order to extend the
areas planted with trees, which is provided for in a strategy of the
national forest sector’s long-term development. At the same event, the
president handed over state distinctions to a group of people working
in this field, including Ordinul Republicii (Order of Republic) to
Anatolie Popusoi for merits in the management of woods’ sustainable
development, contribution to extending the afforested areas and
intense nature protection. The forest fund has an area of 409,000 ha,
which is 12 per cent of Moldova’s territory. On this area, the woods
occupy 362,700 ha or 10.7 per cent. Woods are expected to occupy an
average of 30.5 per cent of the national territory in Europe.

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