Malaysia: Taman Negara Canopy Tourism

The next morning, before our cave exploration, we took to the forest
again to tread the world’s longest canopy walkway measuring 530m. It
consisted of 10 bridges, nine platforms, the highest stretch was 45m
above the ground which would provide visitors with the rare chance to
touch the tips of some trees.

I felt I had not had enough. There was
still so much more to explore, including the wildlife observation hide
in which visitors could spend the night to watch animals getting their
mineral intake at the saltlicks, the waterfalls and hardcore adventure
buffs can even trek up Gunung Tahan. The 4,343sq km Taman Negara is
the world’s oldest rainforest. Much of the park is untouched and
remains as it has for the past 130 million years. Covering parts of
Pahang, Terengganu and Kelantan, it is situated in the Tahan Range and
includes peninsular Malaysia’s highest peak Gunung Tahan. The flora
and fauna species in Taman Negara are estimated at 10,000 plants,
150,000 insects, 25,000 invertebrates, 675 birds, 270 reptiles, 250
freshwater fish and 200 mammals. Scientists are still discovering
species every day. Mutiara Taman Negara is the only resort within the
stringently protected rainforest.

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