Malaysia: Mangrove Destruction in Taman Alam Nature Park

The parties responsible for encroaching on and clearing the mangrove
forest at the Taman Alam nature park in Kuala Selangor have been told
to restore the area again, after earlier efforts did not meet the

Kuala Selangor district officer Mohd Misri Idris said
a notice was issued to the errant party on Dec 2 and they were given
until April next year to restore the area. “They have started their
restoration work and replanted some mangrove saplings but they did not
meet the specifications we wanted. “So we want them to re-do it and
follow the strict specifications in restoring the area,” he said. The
irresponsible party had cleared about 3ha of the 324ha Taman Alam for
prawn farming. Sorry sight: Some of the mangroves had been cleared for
prawn farming and the responsible party has to replant whatt they have
chopped down. To make them pay, the state government had asked them to
restore the area and replant what they had chopped down.

The Forestry
Department, the Department of Environment (DOE) and the Forest
Research Institute of Malaysia (FRIM) jointly monitor and provide
expert advice during the replanting of the trees. They were also
provided with specifications on how the restoration should be done and
how the planting is carried out in the area. It includes filling up
the ponds, recovering the precious natural soil conditions and
replanting the mangrove trees. Taman Alam, a gazetted forest reserve,
is located near the mouth of the Selangor River, not far from the
Kuala Selangor town centre. It is managed by the Malaysian Nature
Society (MNS). The park is a secondary forest and wetland with a
man-made bund separating the wetland and the forest. The park, as part
of the Selangor River estuary, is home to a number of large bird
species such as storks and herons as well as primates. The park is
also part of the larger Banjar Selatan Forest Reserve. The land
belongs to the state. A large portion of the area is under the
management of state government agencies such as the Selangor State
Development Corporation (PKNS) and the Selangor State Agriculture
Development (PKPS), which leased part of the land for agriculture use,
including for prawn farming.

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