Montana: People with no brains say logging Beettle killed trees is a no brainer

Several stories have appeared in daily newspapers in the past couple
of weeks regarding the no brainer issue of whether there is a need to
log dead and dying beetle killed trees in and around communities.

Thousands of acres of Montana forests continue to be consumed by
beetles of all persuasions and land managers are struggling to catch
up. The old adage of “an ounce of prevention being worth a pound of
cure” certainly comes into play with forestry. Areas around Helena,
and many other communities, should have been logged several years ago
before the march of the beetles took over. Many proposed projects were
halted by land managers trying to appease a small number of
individuals, and now the majority of us will pay the price —
literally. There are always a couple sides to every story and we in
the timber community try to look at all aspects of active forest
management including the benefit to the resource and humans. Yes,
there should be a profit made by logging trees and manufacturing
products providing both well-paying jobs and healthy landscapes. The
novel concept of capitalism does mean that private individuals own and
operate businesses that employ folks who like to work in their chosen
professions, one of which is logging. When the economy is faltering as
is true now the last thing it seems anyone should want is to
intentionally put people out of work. The reverse should be the case
and more jobs and opportunities should appear in an effort to sustain
our citizens. The idea that a local renewable resource, trees, should
not be used by local citizens for consumption is ludicrous.I am
certain it would be safe to say that each one of those individuals
trying to stop logging is a daily consumer of paper and wood in the
form of housing, furniture, and other goods.

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