Paraguay: Last Isolated peoples threatened by biofuels

On both November 26 and 28 in the South of Amotocodie. Anthropology
and ecology experts of the Union of Native Ayoreo of Paraguay and the
NGO Amotocodie Initiative with help from Ayoreo people from the
village of Ijnapui hired by the Carlos Casado Company, confirmed the
finding of a hut of the Ayoreo living involuntary isolation. The
Ayoreo are the last of such groups living south from the Amazonian
Basin. The Ayoreos land is being deforested at a tremendous rate. More
than 200 hectares have been clear-cut and another 1,000 hectares are
slated to be cut by the end of the year. The deforesters vow that they
will meet this deadline “come what may.”

The lands will be designated
for growing 5 species of oleaginous for “bio-diesel” production
including Jatropha curcas. This tragedy is occurring in Paraguay’s
largest reservoir of carbon and is happening in a department where
deforestation is banned by the Department’s Law. Meanwhile, in Poznan,
representatives of the Paraguay government are reporting to the XIV
Conference of the Parties of the UN Framework Convention on Climate
Change that Paraguay has managed to control rampant deforestation and
is eager to negotiate payment for these actions. Furthermore, last
Friday the Minister of Agriculture of Paraguay was in the Chaco Region
promoting crops for agrofuels as a money making scheme. The company,
carlos Casado, already has a “field trial” of 15,000 hectares in the
western part of the Chaco. This dire situation puts in doubt the
promises of the Paraguayan Government to protect Indigenous Peoples
rights and the environment since both in words and action the
government supports projects and policies that devastate the cultural
diversity of the society, the environment and the climate. This
contradicts the discourse of the President Fernando Lugo about
protecting the Indigenous Peoples and the environment. Contact: Dr.
Miguel Lovera, Global Forest Coalition, Dutch Mobile +31 615345379

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